In Need of Grace?

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John 1:16 Out of his fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given.

What an incredible gift.    “But I already have one of those.”   No problem…you need another!   One cannot be the recipient of too much GRACE.   Grace upon grace.   What a concept.   Jesus the Messiah is coming hard after me to give me what He knows I need the most.  He first gives me physical life.   Then he gives me spiritual life.   And then just because He is God, he adds another measure of Grace!    He desires to bless me too with his ‘favor.’    Grace upon Grace.   What a gift!



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Have you ever wondered if you could make a difference in the WORLD?   Have you ever thought you were too small?  A Nobody?  Too little to make a difference.   If that is your thought, you should remember this African proverb:  ” If you think you are too small to make a difference, then go to be in a closed room with just one mosquito in it.”

So, I just returned from Haiti.   What a great place to care for the needy and the overlooked.    The NEED is simply ENORMOUS.   The days are HOTTER than Haiti!   It gets dark pretty quick!  I am ready for bed early than what is my normally early bed time!

The Haiti Orphan Children Choir in the night time devotional worships their God and is a natural lullaby!   I get ‘partially’ undressed and lay down, silly me….where is my mosquito net when I need it?   I lay down….bzzzzz…………bzzzzzzzz…swat, ……..swat………. dag nab it, I keep missin!   ….hmmmmn….not sure if I got him or if he multiplied?     I think mosquito’s give birth exponentially to flaming hungry, blood sucking, sharp stinging, super annoying ‘baby’ mosquito’s in the middle of the night, and I think all of those mother’s are due to give birth on the nights that I choose to go to Haiti, or go camping.

YES!  One mosquito makes a difference AND SO WILL YOU!    God will take all that you are and all that you have like the boy and the loaves of fish and multiply your efforts beyond what you can imagine!

But first, you have to be obedient and GO!       More in coming days of the need and opportunity in Haiti.

Sign up today.   First trips start on July 30 and go through the first 3 weeks of August!    Go to:     Sign up and make a WORLD of DIFFERENCE!


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IF you are stuggling….that seems a bit funny to me.  Most people I meet and are willing to engage in serious conversation ARE struggling.   So often this struggle is from Abuse.  Abuse of sin, or even abuse from a ‘friend or brother’.  IF this is you take heart…..Read 2 Peter 2…I won’t tell you what it says, cuz I want you to read it!  I will give you the end result!   I love it!   It is a picture of HOPE for you in the midst of your ‘struggle.’  Press on my friends….God is in control!

2 Peter 2:  1—9 if this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials and to hold the unrighteous for punishment on the day of judgment.

How to Win “Winners” not “Whiners”

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  1. Strategically build relationships – To win average people you provide compassion and care…To win winners you need a vision and strategy.
  2. Market a Challenging Vision – You gotta turn them on!  You gotta give them a cause!
  3. Uniquely placing them in to your cause to “Maximize” their gifts and talents.
  4. GIVE THEM OWNERSHIP…let them fail…lead….make decisions….Quit micro-managing.
  5. Be a WINNER yourself!  QUIT WHINING!  Fix the Problems – Not the Blame!

How to Go from “Good” to “GREAT”

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  1. Good communication to Great communication
  2. Possess the ability to connect from a distance
  3. Excellence in your main purpose – Abstain from the “Addiction to Mediocrity”
  4. Creativity in overcoming barriers
  5. Build a leadership base that will allow the vision to come to fruition.  You will either stir up the dust or you will eat people’s dust…it’s your choice!

How I Stay Motivated

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  1. Stay close to Jesus!   The habit of prayer and daily Bible reading is the air I breath.
  2. Develop a clear sense of purpose  WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS:
  3. Do what you LOVE to do – Pursue YOUR Passion
  4. Believe what you do is making a difference
  5. Invest in the eternal

Best Decisions I Have Ever Made

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So the next few posts will be rather random but give you insight to me as a Leader and Person:


  1. To give my life to serve Christ and leverage all that He has created me to be and do!
  2. Read and organize and file everyday.  To be resourceful.  I choose to be a lifelong learner.
  3. To pass on to others what I am learning…a river…not a reservoir….”New ideas will continue to come to me as I allow them to flow through me.”  A sponge needs to be wrung out, so it can take more in.
  4. Choosing to spend my life adding value to other people’s lives.
  5. Choosing to err on the side of inclusion rather than exclusion


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We’re a piled-on, stretched-to-the limit society; chronically rushed, chronically late, chronically exhausted. Many of us feel like Job did when he said, “I have no peace! I have no quiet! I have no rest! And trouble keeps coming” (Job 3:26 GWT).

I am concerned about our church family.   Many who mean well, serve hard and long, will burn out all the while doing good things for the Lord to serve in His Church.   I have even seen spiritual busyness used as a mark of maturity.   “I am involved in 5 ministries, go to 3 different small groups and Bible studies, cleaned the church, and went to 3 planning meetings.”  That is not spirituality…that is ludicrous!   To make matters more complicated, we add work, family, kids, sports, and the list goes on and we have left NO MARGIN in our lives!

Margin is the space you leave around the events in your life. That space must be allotted purposely in order to prevent your being maxed out physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  In other words, schedule extra time into your day in between commitments. Leave yourself some margin.  Leave some quiet time for you and for God!  Margin is the space we create in our lives where God shows up and ministers peace and comfort in the middle of our hectic lives.

Overload comes when we have too much activity in our lives, too much change, too many choices, too much work, too much debt, too much media exposure.

Dr. Richard Swenson says, “The conditions of modern day living devour margin. If you’re homeless we direct you to a shelter. If you’re penniless we offer you food stamps. If you’re breathless we connect you to oxygen. But if you’re marginless we give you one more thing to do. Marginless is being thirty minutes late to the doctor’s office because you were twenty minutes late getting out of the hairdresser because you were ten minutes late dropping the children off at school because the car ran out of gas two blocks from a gas station and you forgot your purse. That’s marginless.”

You need margin in your life. When you’re not hurrying and worrying all the time, you have time to think. Time to relax. Time to enjoy life. Time to be still and know that God is God (Psalm 46:10).

Bill Hybels once told me, “You lead on 3 levels:  1.  You lead those above you (for me that is my Directional Team);  2.  You lead those under you (A vast volunteer army) and then he stunned me!  He said,  3.  You lead yourself – and he qualified that by saying YOU are the ONLY one that can lead yourself.”

Are you saying Yes to the right things?  Are you saying No to the right things?   Take the time to arrange for MARGIN in your life!   You need it!

STAY THE COURSE – For the long haul

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What a journey the apostle Paul had.   Always zealous about anything and everything he did.   I love this guy…TOTAL COMMITMENT.  He was “ALL IN”.    The great thing:  Once Jesus got a hold of his life, he gave himself to the ONE PURPOSE of proclaiming the kingdom of God and went to everyone, everywhere to tell people the Good News about Jesus.

I am hoping the same will be said of me.    Stay the course…for the long haul.

Act 28:31 He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ—with all boldness and without hindrance!

Living Life in the ZONE

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A 40 day game plan for men.   Having authored ABS of Faith a book on Spiritual fitness I am excited to see a book specifically for men.   Equally great is that is written by Kyle Rote Jr. a soccer star and ABC Superstar Champion.  If you don’t know what that is, then you are either young or a non sports fan!

It is written with great thought, precision and from a Coaches heart.   No athlete or team wins by chance over the long haul.   There is a discipline and a regimentation and progression to follow.

This book is comprehensive and also very practical with great resources and thought provoking discussion questions.

A great read for any man who is serious about Spiritual Fitness.

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